• Introducing 7L (SEVEN LAYER)

    Something caught our eye last year in amongst all the drama of 2020,
    It was 7L or Seven Layer a British Clothing Brand producing high quality well designed fashionable yet functional garments.
  • Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

    10 Christmas Gift Ideas + A Free T-Shirt
  • Last Minute Local Christmas Gift Ideas for Men From $10-$349

  • 10 Facts About LSG Denim and Why it’s Crazy You Haven’t Heard of Them Yet!

    As most of us know, a good pair of jeans can be hard to come by these days, with many retailers selling ‘fast fashion’ with little consideration for quality. Here at Stocked, quality means everything that’s why we’ve caught up with LSG Denim co-founder Papo to hear about the top 10 coolest things about the company.
  • Six Jacket Selections for Spring/Summer 2019

    A selection of jackets put together for your pleasure.
  • STOCKED Chats with Cavalry FC's Number Nine, Jordan Brown

    The soccer star talks football, fashion and settling into life in Canada As the temperature in Calgary starts to rise, the same can be said for Can...
  • The Beautifully Tragic "I Love You Bridge" in Sheffield

    Beautifully tragic story for Valentine’s Day.

    If you don’t know the story behind the “I love you bridge” in Sheffield that inspired the Yungblud song “I Love You Will You Marry Me,” it’s worth checking out.

  • The History of the Harrington Jacket

    The versatile Harrington jacket has got to be one of the most iconic pieces of clothing that never goes out of style, the perfect sharp/casual piece.

    It’s unique in the way it's relevant to various subcultures and styles – a true original, a classic.

  • Top 12 Amy Winehouse Lyrics

     On the week of Amy Winehouse's 35th birthday we want to remember her talent. Blokes picked out the most witty, clever, evocative and poetic lyrics...
  • September Staff Picks

    Phil's pickThe NICCE Union Sweatshirt I like the clean lines, it's a loud but stylish jumper. The fabric is really soft but thick and warm as we...
  • Pop-up Shop Monkey Business; Jamaican oldies, raw soul, rocksteady and ska

    Blokes is having a pop-up stall at The Palomino Smokehouse this Saturday June 9th from 7pm at the Monkey Business event. Music starts at 9pm,Pabs...
  • Lilac Fest 2018

    We had fun this past Sunday for Lilac Fest 2018, lots of friends, new faces and far to many beers, so we thought we'd share a few pictures. 19-y...


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