10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

The men in our life are notoriously difficult to buy presents for whether its your dad, brother, cousin, father-in-law, whoever, we've put together a solid gift guide. Let's be honest you'll be buying a few presents for yourself from here as well.

10. Travel Bag
Whether it's a carry-on, dufflebag or backpack, a quality, well-made bag is a solid gift for a gent. You don't have to worry about it being in their size, it'll last them forever and allows them to travel in style rather than lugging around some dusty old beaten up sack.

This Woolfell bag is available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW. Woolfell is a Montreal company who use quality materials to produce original and relevant versions of everyday objects that are made to last. 

Another perfect example is this Every Mother Co backpack available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW. These are designed and handcrafted in Calgary. The Forge Backpack is made of waxed canvas and genuine leather and includes 15.6" padded laptop compartment. These bags are high quality but at an affordable price.

9. Slippers
Ok I know this is a typical "dad present" but trust me a nice quality pair of slippers is a wicked present. These Glerups, available in the boot style, shoe or slip-ons and I can guarantee, they have got to be the most comfortable slippers you will ever try on.   These slippers were originally made by a Danish mother, now grandmother as a hobby in the '90s. They are felt and suede and are made with nature's wonder fibre, 100% pure wool. 

Available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW.

8. Dress-Casual Shirt
Men need shirts to wear around the Christmas/New Years party season. The ideal shirt to gift is one they can wear with sharp pants or dressier jeans and don't need to mess about with a tie, like this classic Fred Perry red gingham button up.

Available at

7. Artwork
Art pieces are a great gift because they're unique and unexpected. It's daring to go for an edgier piece, they are a talking point and it's always great to support local artists.

This piece is by Kim Parrent, is one of the local Calgary based artists featured at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW. Parrent specializes in portraits of famous faces and putting her own creative spin on well-known film scenes and images.

These mixed-media wall art pieces by Cory Nespor also available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW, are a cool gift idea that no one else is going to think of.

6. Posh Coasters
Most people wouldn't think to give coasters as a gift because coasters are usually an afterthought, therefore they are usually tacky, stained and don't match the decor. Buying someone stylish, quality coasters is thoughtful and gives their living room or lounge area a touch of class. These Orrefors, stainless steel coasters, designed by Martti Rytkonen are part of the City Crystal Barware Collection and made in Sweden. 

Available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW

5. Polo Shirt With Unique Detail
A polo shirt with something a bit different on the collar, pocket or sleeve is good gift for the man who has trouble being a bit more adventurous with his wardrobe. Adding a bit of patterned detail to a shirt keeps it classic but still stylish and fun.

Available at

4. Cutting/Serving Boards 
Ingrained Woods cutting and serving boards are hand-made in Calgary, and are equal parts beautiful and functional. Made out of select exotic woods in varying sizes these boards make great a great gift not only for those who love to cook or host as they make a great tray for serving cheese, meat or even cocktails.

Available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW

3. Bomber Jacket
The bomber jacket makes a great gift because most people already have a Winter jacket by now, so an in between, lighter, casual jacket is a great addition to anyone`s wardrobe.

Available at

2. Decanter and Glasses
A nice decanter and glass set is again a classic but overlooked gift. Pair them with the receiver`s favourite spirit and you`ll  soon get the party started. This LSA International set can be bought separately or as a set.

Available at Stuff, 709 11 Ave, Calgary SW

1. Classic Polo Shirt
A classic polo is a great gift because it never goes out of style especially if it has a bit of heritage and culture behind the brand like Fred Perry. What also makes a classic polo a strong present is that fact it can be worn year-round, on it`s own when it`s warmer or layered under cardigans or sweaters when it`s cold.

Available at

Endnote: No one`s going to blame you if some of these gifts are to you from you.

For more information about Stuff and their products visit

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  • Thank-you eyefavour for your Christmas top ten. Spencer has a great talent in choosing well made and highly coveted items for his store -stuff . They are curated with care and genuine interest. I love that he gets my art. Thank-you both for mentioning local artists in your top 10! An absolute pleasure to see! I am glad you are combining your style in stuff too!

    Kim Parrent

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