Top 10 Superbly Stylish Male Characters on Screen Part 1

When it comes to style anything goes, it's more about being able to carry it off. This eclectic list of gents all have one thing in common they are stylish because they know how to wear it well. 

10. The "Trainspotting" boys (1996)

From Renton's jumpers and bomber jacket to Begbie's Fred Perry V-necks.

9. Jimmy Cooper - "Quadrophenia" (1979)

That burgundy suit and the classic Fred Perry polo under the parka. 

8. "The Firm" Boys (2009)

The whole film is an homage to classic football casuals at its peak. And that red Fila tracksuit phwoaaar.

7. Stan Rizzo - "Mad Men" (Season 5)

A subtly stylish side character with impeccable long-sleeve polo selection.

6. "The Business" boys (2005)

Like the red of a Roman cloak, the scarlett collar on the Sergio Tacchini jacket says power and aggression.The film reminded us how sick Fila and Sergio Tacchini, when styled well can look.

5. Benjamin Braddock - "The Graduate" (1967)

Another '60s character the black polo underneath a khaki harrington jacket and the sharp suit are classic looks.

4. The Guy from the Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Advert (2013)

I don't know who this bloke is but that two-toned polo though.

3. Milky - "This is England" (2006-2015)

The man knows how to flex a Ben Sherman harrington jacket.

2. The "Beeba Boys" lads (2015)

It's nice to see colour in men's fashion, the suits and jackets are just suave.

1. Any Steve McQueen character in anything

The man, the legend. Superb. 


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