9 Iconic Items of Clothing From Trainspotting

With the buzz of the T2 Trainspotting release we've had the film on our minds and decided to compile list of the 9 items of clothing we would pinch from the first film. Unlike most films set in the '80s, Trainspotting did the '80s right. They didn't go over the top with florescent colours and teased hair, which as retro-obsessed people, we appreciate. Do you agree with the picks? Is there something we missed?

9. Begbie's yellow Pringle jumper

It's camp, pastely yellow but it's a classic Pringle sweater.

8. Renton's Adidas Sambas

The sleek, shape of the Samba is timeless and the mauve/red colour is rare.

7. Sickboy's countryside rambling look

There isn't a particular stand out piece from this look, it's just the whole thing together that works; the sunglasses, popped-collar sport jacket, pinstripe pants and boots tied together with Sickboy's vodka wielding attitude.

6. Begbie's Fred Perry V-neck

Chocolate brown Freddy-P Jumper can't go wrong really.

5. Spud's red, white and blue long sleeve

Quite European-looking and reminiscent of the new Le Coq Sportif  Tricolore collection.

4. Sickboy's Mac

Another piece that will never go out of style. Sharp as hell over a suit.

3. Renton's blue and yellow Adidas T-shirt

Adidas Originals is still bringing this out, but again it's rare to see that colour combo now.

2. Begbie's red Lacoste V-neck

Begbie gets a lot of mention in this list because most of his wardrobe from the film is so wearable today, which is a mad notion knowing the film was set about thirty years ago. Yet again it's all about the colour with this piece, we haven't seen Lacoste put out a jumper in such a rich, deep colour of red for a long time and it needs to come back!

1. Spud's sunglasses

I mean, enough said. It's technically an accessory, not clothing but probably the most iconic piece in the film.

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