Introducing 7L (SEVEN LAYER)

Something caught our eye last year in amongst all the drama of 2020; it was Seven Layer '7L'.
A brand focused on producing high-quality, exceptionally-well designed textiles, straight from Manchester, U.K. 
We couldn't wait to get our hands on the fashionable, yet functional garments.
Innovative design, high performance fabric and a technical manufactured approach. 
From cold-city strolls to the next arctic expedition, 7L is acknowledged by the casually dressed, the outdoorsy mountaineer, and everyone in-between.
"Taking inspiration from the US’ Military Gen III Layering System, the ECWCS (Extended Climate Weather Clothing System), 7L is a British Brand that manages to fuse fashion with function and performance with style. We design and craft fashionable yet functional garments that can be worn in a variety of extreme or everyday environments. Our experienced engineers, designers and technicians push the boundary of garment technology, crafting technically advanced products that harness a combination of innovative design, high performance fabrics and technical manufacturing."
Utilizing local cotton mills located in the north west of England, 7L thrive by their roots whilst steaming ahead with innovative and unique staple pieces.
Check out our very limited 7L collection now being retailed here at Stocked. 

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