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Lilac Fest 2018

We had fun this past Sunday for Lilac Fest 2018, lots of friends, new faces and far to many beers, so we thought we'd share a few pictures.

19-year-old DJ Infamous Ray came down to play his selection of reggae and dancehall.
Ray holds the title of 2017 Edmonton Reginonal DMC DJ Champion and third place in the 2017 Toronton National Canada DMC.

You can check him out at https://www.facebook.com/infamousray/
And our stream of his set at Lilac Fest here https://www.facebook.com/blokesyyc/videos/2382384281834416/

Alberta Rats are a wicked new band band in Calgary check out their Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/Alberta-Rats-1631024036985010/ and a video of them playing Lilac Fest here https://www.facebook.com/blokesyyc/videos/2382523005153877/

Act Natural is made of two brothers from the North East of England. They just released their new single "Neverender" which you can download anywhere including on bandcamp here https://actnaturalcan.bandcamp.com/releases

Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/actnaturalcan/
And you can watch their Lilac Fest set here https://www.facebook.com/blokesyyc/videos/2382555181817326/

We were lucky to get a rare appearance from Scotty Macklam sharing some of his rare reggae records. 

Scotty is spinning an unmissable show at the Palomino Saturday June 9th, Link to the Facebook event here https://www.facebook.com/events/1771698582887456/
Watch the video of his Lilac Fest set here https://www.facebook.com/blokesyyc/videos/2382699008469610/

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