Oasis: Supersonic Film Review


As an Oasis fan who views many of their tunes as all time classics, I was initially apprehensive about watching the documentary. I had a feeling it would be pieced together old interviews and nothing I hadn't seen from Youtube clips. In fact it is funny, delightfully gripping and at times digs much deeper than you'd expect.

Supersonic keeps you captivated unlike many music documentaries that can have you dropping off after 45 minutes. The doc grabs you by the balls, skimming through the Gallagher brother's childhood to the forming of Oasis, with Liam, Noel, Bonehead, Guigs and Tony MacCarroll, up until their legendary 1996 Knebworth gig.


Whether you rate the music of Oasis or not, it's hard to deny the Gallagher brothers are comedy gold, from their behaviour to their witty or just overtly cocky quips. It's refreshing to reaffirm that the Liam and Noel always had that quick wit and whatever you want to call it - confidence/arrogance/cockiness well before they were famous. And that rock and roll star behaviour they were known for in the '90s was not put on, trouble just seemed to follow them.

As Noel points out the greatest thing about Oasis was the relationship between himself and Liam and predictably the film centres around their dynamic. Definitely, (not maybe) worth a watch even just for Noel's ridiculous early '90s mop-top, mushroom haircut.

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