September Staff Picks

Phil's pick
The NICCE Union Sweatshirt

I like the clean lines, it's a loud but stylish jumper. The fabric is really soft but thick and warm as well. It's a young look with a nod to the '90s.

NICCE's an interesting up-and-coming company, the most contemporary we carry in the shop. No one seems to know how to pronounce it, we were calling it "nice" for ages but it's actually pronounced "nee-chee."
It's a growing streetwear brand and was just established in 2013, it's infiltrating the London garage and grime scene at the moment. Definitely one to watch.

Jen's pick
The Fred Perry Brentham Jacket in Stadium Red
I am biased because Fred Perry is my absolute favourite brand but I think it's the perfect Autumn jacket. It's a lighter jacket but it has a nice fleece lining  The colour is a deep rusty red, almost brown that's complimented by the navy laurel wreath logo and twin tips running along the inside of the collar.
It's on the lighter side of a jacket but it's go a nice fleece inner lining, mix between a harrington and a sporty bomber. I like that you can wear it really casual, with jeans or a bit more dressed up over work clothes.
The name coming from the Brentham Club in Ealing, London where Fred Perry himself played tennis from 1919 to 1935 and won their Championship in 1926 and 1927, before going on to win Wimbledon in 1934,1935 and 1936. It's little details and heritage like that, that I love about the brand.


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