Introducing the Weekend Offender Doves Collection

Back by popular demand, Weekend Offender has re-introduced the "Doves" collection and Blokes is excited to carry a portion of the collection in the colour rose.

The Weekend Offender "Doves" collection is made up of T-shirts and polos featuring the iconic "Dove' badge on the chest, recongisable worldwide.
Blokes feels honoured to be able to bring Weekend Offender to Canada and were excited when the "Dove" collection was re-introduced. We thought the rose colour was perfect way to experiment with the collection in North America, the light pastel tone ideal for summer and the contrasting the pink tone with a masculine brand.

This 100% cotton classic style polo and T-shirt comes in a solid one colour design and is finished with Weekend Offender branded buttons, a small ‘Admit Nothing’ label at the side seam and classic ribbing to the collar and sleeve ends.

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Weekend Offender as a brand has always been non-apologetic with mottos like, "Is it just us or has the world gone a bit soft lately? The generation we’ve lived will be remembered for hard times and harder partying: out-till-dawn, pills not prawns. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate UK youth cultures past and present: the passions, the punch-ups, the looks and the legends." 
The dove symbol is of course a nod to '90s dance/rave culture. It is important to recognise and remember subcultures and movements that the landscape of music and culture we enjoy today.


Jen & Phil 

Check out our Weekend Offender collection here

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